Mayan Home Stay San Jorge La Laguna

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Home Stay - Mayan Culture

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Panajachel / Panajachel

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Bus / Van Shuttle

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Minimum 1

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5 - 60



  • Live what Mayan People Live in San Jorge La Laguna
  • Practice your spanish and intectation at home around the Lake Atitlan
  • Learn how to Make Tortillas even Cook with Mothers of the Families at their home
  • Discovery and experience the great life of Guatemalan

Tour Itinerary:

Mayan Home Stay has started this home stay program in the village to give something back to the communities around Lake Atitlan, and also to give you a very genuine of living with a Maya local family to see and experience their culture and customs.

Meals in the home will be prepared by the mother of the family and you will have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and dinner meals at home with the family. (Both are included in the price). This is exciting since we need to allocate you with the family where you will sleep! Important: Don't expect to stay in Panajachel center, you will stay where the locals live in a very safe neighborhood.

You can stay one ore more nights with a family from the ethnic group of the Kakchiquel in San Jorge La Laguna.

This experience is runs for 7 years to the village and families who welcome foreigners into their homes. As a responsible traveler, we as guests must be aware of and sensitive to the culture by behaving respectfully during our time with the family and in the village.
Although shy at first, the villagers are very friendly and welcoming people.

The home stay will give you a genuine insight into the everyday lives of a local family. If you take photos of the people in the village, please always ask before you take them. You might find the housing situation in San Jorge La Laguna rather basic but the reason for doing this home stay is to give a real insight into Guatemala, so you can see / experience the culture firsthand and interact with the local community on a personal basis.


  • Dinner / Breakfast
  • Deep Mayan Experience
  • Local Tours around the Village by the Family
  • Tips
  • English spoken Family
  • Transportation from Panajachel - San Jorge - Panajachel(adventurer)

How to get there to meet up your familia!

How do I get to the Home Stay?

Option A:

Explore by your way do a real adventures to get there, and pay only 3 Quetzales each way, please go to infront of Mistafra Taxi services in Panajachel, where you find the Public bus stops, where the bus take you to San Jorge La Laguna, that public bus stop 500 meters away up from the Center, so you walk down to the Center where is found a main Church, one of Mayan Family member, will meet you through Your Names.

Option B:

Get to San Jorge La Laguna easy and direct in the Center please take a Taxi from Panajachel Center, stops the Taxi and Say Vamos a San Jorge La Laguna and they charge for 60 Quetzales or 8 usd for the services, when arrive in front of Church as the centre of San Jorge will meet one of the Mayan Family member to take their home. Where is the Maya Experience Home Stay? The local family houses are located in San Jorge La Laguna which located 10 minutes by bus from Panajachel.