Frequently Ask Questions!

help How Did Marvelus Travel Start?
Daniel and Jorge founded the Marvelus Travel in 2006, with very opened mind to the big ideas for travel industry in Central America and part of South America, they have worked as passionate as possible for a Sustainable affortable and Solidity Travel Company, Marvelus Travel considered the unique partner travel with a deep enthustiastic knowledgeable for its products is offered. for an expanded market 2,009 Daniel and Jorge decided to united with Ana Larrauri in Canada for international representantive.

help Why I Travel with Marvelus Travel in Central America?

Its a Travel Company founded 2006 years ago, understanding travel needs for theirs clients

help Its Marvelus a reliable travel company?

Marvelus Travel guarantee all your travel booking, looking for your satisfaction!

help Where can we travel with Marvelus Travel?

You Can travel with Marvelus Travel in Mexico Belize Guatemala Honduras Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Peru Bolivia

help how do we know if Marvelus Travel is able to help Me?

Our styles of travel – hop on hop off bus pass, Self guided packages adventures, family or individual, costumized tailor made trip- cover a whole gamut of travel experiences. To find out which one you want, visit our Trip style page

help Can you give me more information on the accommodation I am to expect whilst on tour?

All accommodation are in hotels or guesthouses. We have put a lot of thought and effort into locating the most appropriate type of accommodation for each tour. It will always be clean, comfortable and of the highest standard locally available. But be prepared for basic facilities in remote areas.

help Why should I book through Marvelus Travel rather than booking the tour myself?

There are four main reasons to book through us;

- our first hand knowledge of the regions and attractions that even locals do not know about!
- having one point of contact for all arrangements
- value for money
- comfort in knowing that our company has been operating since 2006

The Marvelus Travel team has sourced and selected the best tours, and activities from around the country and has first hand experience of everything on offer. For a holiday or experience we sincerely believe that you can’t afford to have anything go wrong the time you start your break.

Given the level of agreements we have put in place with our suppliers we are confident you should never have to pay more than you would by arranging the trip independently (that’s of course assuming you had the time in the first place)!

help How many people will be on my tour?

It depends on the type of tour you choose, where and when you want to go.

help What kind of people travel with Marvelus Travel?

People travel with us from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. They range in age, and a few are solo travellers along with couples, families and friends touring together. Many are from our partner agents abroad, or our regular from Multinationals Corporations, friends or families and the local public.

Some are more experienced than others, but all share the spirit of adventure.

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