Las Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs Zunil

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5 Hours

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Every Day

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Local Activities

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Quetzaltenango / Quetzaltenango

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Bus / Van Shuttle

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Minimum 2

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5 - 60



  • Enjoy the delicious warm spring of Fuentes Georgineas in Santa Maria Volcano
  • Feel the Coolness of Quetzaltenango Jungle
  • Visit the Almolonga and Zunil the great and fertil land for farming and vegetables

Tour Itinerary:

Visit these hot springs that eminate from the Zunil Volcano and which flow into the place known today as FUENTES GEORGINAS
These thermal sources were discovered by two laborers from Zunil in the year 1902 and they changed it into communal bath, where people who lived around there or near the thermal baths took a bath when they considered it necessary.
Take a relaxing bath, a little walk on its trails or just enjoy of nature at the Hot Springs Fuentes Georginas The prettiest in Guatemala, 8 Kms from Zunil where you also do a short visit, later go to Zunil and Almolonga village to explore and found a great experience.
Tours from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm.

Key details:

  • Duration: 5 hours.
  • Pick up/dropp off hotel.(in San Cristobal dropp off is Bus station)
  • Instant Confirmation.


  • Local Driver
  • Free time to relax
  • Local Driver
  • Entrance fee
  • Gratuites
  • Tips
  • Meals and Drinks

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Cash