Hiking to San Pedro Volcano

About this activity

Group Size

7 hours

Group Size

Every Day

Group Size
Trip style:

Hiking & Climbing

Group Size

Panajachel / Panajachel

Group Size

Boat / Truck

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Physical Rate:


Group Size
Group size:

Minimum 2

Group Size
Age Required:

18 - 60



  • The Real Adventure day to Climb the San Pedro Volcano
  • Discover the Jungle and birds and trees life at top of the VOlcano
  • The Brilliant View of Lake Atitlan

Tour Itinerary:

Climb the smaller San Pedro Volcano located on the south of the lake Atitlan, this volcano is found on 3,020 meters sea level above, start this trip at your hotel in Panajachel about 07:00 a.m.

thereby you will be transferred to the volcano base to walk up for 3.5 hours to the top while getting an amazing panoramic of Lake Atitlan, later you will get back to the bottom for 2.5 hours and finally to your hotel in Panajachel.
Minimun 2 pax. 

Full day Trekking to San Pedro volcano


  • Transfer water From Panajachel-San Pedro-Panajachel
  • Truck Round Trip
  • Local Spanish Guide with you.
  • Enjoy a beautiful lanscape when you have gotten the peak.
  • Entrances fee(13usd) per person
  • Meals and water
  • Tips

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Cash