Tortuguero tours

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1 Day

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Local Activities

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Tortuguero / Tortuguero

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Canoa Motor boat

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Minimum 1

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5 - 60



  • See the great Animals in the Morning
  • Enjoy the peaceful water by Canoa Motor boat
  • Hear the sound of different Birds

Tour Itinerary:

Great peacefull Silent electric motor Canoe Tour through the Canals of Tortuguero Experience true peace beautful and harmony as you travel through the water paths canal of the region. Take majestics and delicious the gentle breeze and the sound of exotic birds as your experienced guide shows you a great array of flora and fauna. The tour also includes a full explanation of the national parks and natural history of the area. Enjoy a moment of intimacy with nature! To minimize noise and lessen environmental impact we travel on electric, silent motor canoes, that are built with the highest standard of quality and safety


  • Local guide.
  • Meals
  • Entrance fee (us$13.00)
  • Gratuites

What to bring:

  • Camera
  • Bionucular
  • good shoes