Mayan Communities Tour of Antigua

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City Tour

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Antigua Colonial City / Antigua Colonial City

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Bus / Van Shuttle

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5 - 60



  • The best Mayan Handycraft of Aguas Calientes villagers
  • Try the good Macadamia Nuts
  • Learn the life activities of Mayan Communities located near Antigua

Tour Itinerary:

Este tour requiere la contratacion de un vehiculo privado para visitar los pueblos más pintorescos que rodean Antigua Guatemala.">This tour requires the hiring of a private vehicle to visit the most picturesque villages around Antigua Guatemala. The tour includes colonial history, local culture and traditions.

Since the founding of the city in 1527, the Spanish have grouped different ethnic groups around what is now known as Antigua Guatemala. Each of them developed a specific activity to provide food, textiles and crops to the inhabitants of that time.

San Juan del Obispo
It is a hamlet of Antigua Guatemala located 3.8 km. Its main attraction is the monumental complex that was built in 1547, which includes the Plaza with its church, chapels, and fountain, as well as the rest home of the first Bishop of Guatemala, Francisco Marroquín, who occupies the largest part Of this architectural complex that is still standing. Here you can see imagery and furniture, colonial paintings, handicrafts room, certificates with historical information and photographic collection.

Old City
Founded in 1527 as Santiago de Guatemala. It receives the name of Old Town after being destroyed by an avalanche in 1541, here the wife of the "Conquistador" of Guatemala Pedro de Alvarado, Doña Beatriz de la Cueva dies.
In this beautiful place we will visit the reconstructed church very close to where the original was and we will talk about the life of the time, the cultures, the towns of Indians and the most important events.

Finca of Macadamia Valhalla
It is located between Ciudad Vieja and San Antonio Aguas Calientes, the visit to this place is to appreciate the cultivation of macadamia, from where you get a nut with many properties. We will see the plantation, the process of selection and crushing, as well as the final product. We will have the opportunity to taste the product combined with black and white chocolates.

San Antonio Aguas Calientes
This village is 8 km. Of Antigua Guatemala, separated from Santa Catarina Barahona only by a street. Its most important attraction is the municipal textile market, next to its square and church. The textiles of the place are reputed to be one of the best in Guatemala for its embroidery technique. You can see here people knitting in the waist loom that is of pre-Hispanic origin.

On the way to San Felipe, we will pass by the town of Jocotenango, which receives this name from the fruit that the Mexican Indians knew and named thus. It has a beautiful colonial style church and baroque façade. We will not stop in this town, but we will know generalities of its history.

San Felipe
This town is famous for the preparation of typical Guatemalan meals, we will visit it to taste them, however, the multiple restaurants have diversity of national and international dishes. It has a church of colonial construction. This town like Jocotenango, are selected to live by foreigners who wish to study some months in Antigua Guatemala while learning Spanish and living with neighbors to know the authentic antigüeña culture.
Transfer to Antigua Guatemala to your hotel.
Tour duration: 4 to 5 hours


  • Local guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals
  • Gratuites

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Cash