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Marvelus Travel its happy to tell as another complete lead to travel in Central and South America for 7 years, we have seen and experience the countries as well, one of the color we have made a panoramic and special package tours and adventures holidays with all inclusive, we are experienced to hear you to create your plan travel and live it with Marvelus Travel.



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person suzanne

Overall very good tour. I would have changed overnight and long day buses and stopped in between as very tiring. Marvelous contact stated to get bus tickets (exchange vouchers)at Ado Cancun. Wasted 2 hours trying to explain to staff there but as it happened..didnt need to exchange voucher! Some journey times incorrect on itinery but just ask the bus driver. Loved friendly people and beautiful country. Crammed a lot into 10 days & glad i booked an extra day in Playa del Carmen to relax!

date_range April 11, 2018


person Andrew

This was our first time in Mexico. At first it appears very overwhelming. As we are not accustomed to tipping this become an issue. What to tip,who to tip , most appeared to work in pairs driver and guide. Was not sure if we over tipped or under tipped. The ADO buses are great and get you from town to town but I recommend that you research the distance from the bus terminal to the Hotel. Some you can walk to others you must catch a taxi. When you catch the 12 seater shuttles be aware some of the drivers think they are ralley car drivers and for those in the back it is a long and uncomfortable drive. Overall it was a wonderful experience and safe so I would recommend to any one wanting to visit Mexcio and enjoy the history and wonder it offers.

date_range March 31, 2018


person Thomas

The tour was great. The one problem that we encountered several times was lack of communication from the company itself. Our first hotel was clearly marked - at the end, but in the itinerary a different hotel was specified as our lodging. This first hotel was also the place we were to be picked up for the next two day The local guides went to the hotel we were staying at and we went to the hotel specified on the itinerary for the first tour. Luckily the guide worked it out. Same with the next day pickup to travel to Granada. We were told to be at one hotel and the transport picked us up at the one we were staying at. Similarly on the second tour we were not informed of a two hour stay at a resort - so no swim suits and we had made plans for the time we were dropped at the resort. So if you're taking a tour wit these folks ask three or four times to make sure they communicate everything. Other than those two messes everything was on time and as scheduled!

date_range March 13, 2018


person Rishi

Very good tour. A few initial hiccups. the airport pickup never arrived. had to take a cab from Managua to Leon for which Marvelus refunded me the cost. Rest everything was great. The hotels in Leon, Granada were good for the price we paid. San Juan del sur was ok but being close to the beach cannot expect much at that price. all hotels were walking distance from major attractions so very well located. The volcano boarding tour was excellent. got more than expected - volcano boarding, free beer and a ride to the beach. Asked to have masaya volcano tour to be changed to night one which marvelus did at no extra cost. The night tour is much better where you can see the lava flows. Booked an isleta tour which was a bit of a disappointment. Transfers were fine except for the airport one. they are in a shared van for max 14 people which can arrive upto 30 mins late but this is central America where things move at their own pace. Overall 4 out of 5 stars

date_range March 8, 2018


person Kathleen

The trip was awesome, and the accommodations were excellent. Not 5 star ritzy places per say, but the locations were impeccable and the hotels themselves I felt really represented the cities we stayed in and were very clean, central and perfect. Absolutely awesome. They customized the last part of our trip to include San Ignacio instead of ending in Caye Caulker. They were really great and accommodated every request. Excellent trip, thank you guys so much!!

date_range March 5, 2018


person Lynn

Marvelus Travel was not so "marvelous" on several occasions but I will first give the pluses: In Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen we could walk to the bus station. We had a good guide for Uxmal & Kabah who picked us up on time. There was a good pizza restaurant right next door to the Hotel Reforma in Merida. The route of the tour was well planned. Now for the minuses: the itinerary was sent Feb. 8th 4 days before the tour when we had already left Canada. The tour radar website had conflicting info re airport pickup in Cancun and we ended up taking a green line overpriced taxi to the hotel.The Tour radar website also says there is a guide for 2 hrs. at Chichen Itza; itinerary says not. Had to pay 100 and 40 pesos to store our luggage at Chichen Itza.The website says our bus left Tulum for Playa del Carmen in the a.m. The itinerary had us leaving 5:45 p.m. so we could enjoy the afternoon at the beach (!?) Needless to say, we changed the time of our bus trip. We had no idea which hotel we were going to until we were at the bus station and when we got to it there was no reservation & no one spoke English: I had to accost 2 women on the street to translate for us. I had to pay for the room with my card so we could leave our luggage and go to Cozumel. When we got back we had received email that I would be reimbursed for the room. A different clerk with no English! I showed my room key and she gave me the money not a credit on my card. Marvellus had told us they had arranged transfer to the airport rather than Cancun; we only had to change the tickets at the station. The clerk at the station charged us the difference despite our explanation! Oh and BTW we had to change rooms in Merida at Hotel Reforma because of mold. If my friend did not have her camera, connector and ipad we would have been up the creek without a paddle. We had no access to a printer for our bus tickets so she took a photo of them from my emails and put them on her ipad. We think more advanced info from Marvelous is needed so people will be better prepared.

date_range March 3, 2018


person Jean

No guide was provided on the tour, only the one payed for on the volcano treck. Transportation was late half of the time; I had to call the agency 3 times to make sure it would come. No information was given on duration of the transportation or what to expect on the tours. The homestay was nice with the mayan family. The combination of the differents tours made the transportation too long. Tip: don't go to the Chichi market, it does no offer more than what you can get everywhere else.

date_range January 26, 2018


person Silvia

We had a great experience with the tour this company plan for us. They accommodated us pretty quick. The experiences we had in each town and place we visit was amazing.

date_range August 5, 2017


person Viktoria

The hotel locations were really good. I had a problem at pickup, and they forgot to collect me when I had the tour. I was emailing the agency and they said just wait.. after 1,5 hours they finally let me know that it's been cancelled so I went instead of 9am at 1pm.

date_range April 24, 2017


person thanh Bình

It a good experience , I can discovery everything about Mexico , I love this tour but not for a family with small children ... I love Mexico city , Can Cun and Chic chen iza

date_range August 26, 2016


person Beatriz

For the price, it is a good deal. It is a good tour if you want to be by yourself and you want to see a bit of everything in a short period of time. The accommodations were very well located and the buses couldn't be any more comfortable. The places we visited were great and the time was efficiently distributed. However, the operator is not very detail-oriented, so you need to have an Internet connection in Mexico to be able to communicate with them very often to clarify things. They didn't start booking our accommodations/buses until the day before the tour started. They were still booking some of them even a few days after it had started. It was stressful and gave a sense of uncertainty that is not what you expect to have during your holidays. The evening before the first local tour they changed the morning departure time twice by email, so if you don't have Internet, you can't be certain of anything in this tour. On the positive side, they always answered e-mails very quickly. Except once or twice I made practical questions (e.g. do we need to take our passports to the tour?, or is it safe in Oaxaca after the police confrontation yesterday?) and they chose to ignore them and not reply. At least twice we arrived to accommodations and the receptionist said we hadn't paid. We had to contact Marvelus and wait until the information arrived to the receptionist that we didn't have to pay. Another time we arrived to a hostel that told us they were expecting us the day before but since we didn't arrive, they gave the room away and now they were fully booked. We had to wait an hour before the situation was clarified. In the end we always go the rooms, but after some struggle due to miscommunication between Marvelus and the accommodations. The last day we went to take a bus at 9:30am as stated in the booklet of the tour we agreed upon, but it turned out that the bus ticket they booked for us was at 6:15am, so we had to buy ourselves another bus ticket. However, Marvelus said they would refund us the amount. In short, the tour itself is worth it (nice visits, comfortable buses and well-located accommodations), but you need to have patience with the operator and a permanent Internet connection.

date_range March 1, 2015

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