• See the beauty Colorful as well panoramic and Complex Life of Mexico city
  • Taste the brilliant and old City of San Cristobal de las Casas
  • Inmmerse at the green Mayan Ruins of Palenque and Yaxchilan
  • Swin and enjoy beautiful Cascades Agual Azul and walk by the City of Merida and Chichen itza Classic Mayan Remains


Group Size
Trip style:

Self package guide tours

Group Size
Group size:

Minimum 2 Maximum 12 pax

Group Size

Cañon del sumidero, Agua Azul Cascades Palenque ruins, Uxmal ruins, Chihcen itza ruins

Group Size

Mexico city / Cancun City

Group Size
Local Flight:

Mexico City to Tuxtla Gutierrez

Group Size
Age Required:

15 - 70


Mexico city Chiapas Cancun city Tours


Chiapas and Yucatan Highlight tours, Maximize the experience by take this tours because its sure you will enjoy along the ways the cultural and mayan ruins, you see the Azteca Huge Pyramids of Teotihuaan and Temple, see the Chiapas, like a increible Caynon of Sumidero, the real culture of Chiapaneco at San Cristobal de las Casas, Discover the Agua Azul Cascades and Palenque ruins, and after all see Yucatan Beautiful and its City like Merida and Amaze the Chichen Itza Classic Ruins.

Local Guide Tour Guide: You Get local guides for included activities
Highlight Highlight Tours: Cañon del Sumidero- San Juan Chamula-Montebello Lake and chiflon Waterfalls-Palenque Ruins-Uxmal ruins-Chichen itza.
Group Size Group Size: Minimum 1- Maximum 12 pax
Physical Rate Physical Rate: 3/5.


flag Day 1 Mexico city to Tuxtla Gutierrez - Arrival

You will flight from Mexico city to Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas where our local partner will meet you and take you to San Cristobal de las Casas hotel

flag Day 2 San Cristobal de las Casas - Cañon del Sumidero

Today our local partner will meet you at hostel and take to Caynon del Sumidero where take a relaxation boat to visit the awesome hill of Chiapas and later go to Chiapas de Corzo to visit the nice village and later to San Cristobal de las Casas.

flag Day 3 San Cristobal to San Juan Chamula and Zinancantan Village

Today at 9 am our local guide will meet you at your hotel to transfer you in Zinancantan for a very local experience, get a great closer interaction with mayan poeple what they it what they do and afterward go to San Juan Chamula centre to experience the magestic church for mixture of Mayan and Catholics religious works it.

flag Day 4 San Cristobal - Montebello Lake and Chiflon Waterfalls

Today at 6 am our local driver will meet you at the hotel to take you by shared van to Montebello Lakes where you will have free time to swin or soak you up into great turqouse white crystal water. and later keep going to Chiflon waterfalls to enjoy the amazing 1 hour walking and later back to San Cristobal de las Casa hotel

flag Day 5 Palenque Ruins - Misol - Ha - Agua Azul.

Today our local driver will meet you at the hotel reception to take in Palenque Archeoligical site for 2 visit in the Mayan Remainder Park, later you will be transfered to Misol ha Park to see the impressive waterfalls, enjoy the 40 meters of Misol Ha Waterfall. if you want to learn more can walk underwater to swim. finally you will be transferred to Agua Azul, its really nice Cascades, dont miss the oportunity to swim on there, and you will be dropped off at Hostel in Palenque village

flag Day 6 Palenque Village

Today you will have a free day where you can arrange your time to do something at your onw way.

flag Day 7 Palenque Village - To Campeche

Today around 9 am you will take a first class public bus from Palenque centre to Campeche centre.

flag Day 8 Campeche free day

Today you will enjoy campeche at your own to see tne nice museums overhere, very nice colonial city

flag Day 9 Campeche to Merida.

Today around 9 am you will take a first class public bus from Campeche centre to Merida centre the trip will take 4 hours

flag Day 10 Merida - Wonders of Yucatan.

Today you will have a full tour by Truck and bus, visiting haciendas and enjoy the great Cenotes.

flag Day 11 Merida Chichen Itza Ruins- Cancun

Today you will have a shared van transportation from Merida hostel to Chichen Itza Park, tour that you will have a local expert guide to immerse you into Archaeological site to learn about the 7th wonders on the world, once your tour will be done you will take a First class public from Chichen itza to Cancun Centre


hotel Mexico city: Hotel Isabel
hotel San Cristobal de las Casas: Hotel Balam
hotel Palenque: Hostel Panchan
hotel Campeche: Hotel Castelmar
hotel Merida: Hotel Reforma


Transportation Transportation: shared vans and First class public autobus and Taxi
Accommodation Accommodation: 10 nights Private basic hotels and hostel
Local Experience Local experience: Lacal biligual guide by day activities
Minded Travellers Like - Minded Travellers: You will meet a lot of travellers in Hostel, shared vans and shared activities
Trip style Trip style: Chiapas Yucatan Highlight experience, you will not be guided by escort leader along the way but we are sure you will have the necessary local travel tools at your hand through our inspired tested and tried experience itinerary, where we have writen all information how to get from A to B, what hotel you stay in every location, what activities with biligual guide you get it in each destination and what optional activities you should do at your own
Marvelus Team Experience Marvelus Team Experience: You will travel with a Local Company in Central and South America let them to share with you, the deep & Real Experience.


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  • Mexico city: Wrestling tour, Xochimilco Tour
  • San Cristobal de las Casas: San Juan Chamula
  • Palenque Village: Lancandona Tour
  • Merida: Hacienda Tours


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