Antigua Ruins City Tour

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4 hours

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Every Day

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City Tour

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Antigua City / Antigua City

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Minimum 1

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5 - 60



  • See the most Interesting Churches of Antigua
  • Get into Museum at different Catholic convents as Capuchinos, Mercedarios
  • Get a funny walking in Antigua city
  • Local Guide transmit his experience of Antigua History

Tour Itinerary:

Relax orientation walking tours in Antigua:
The city of La Antigua Guatemala is a city "Museum" declared "Patrimony of the Humanity" by Unesco in 1979 with the # 65 in the list of World Heritage, to breathe the colonial air of the city, it is necessary to make the walking tour , To go taking photos and informing about what is seen, it is recommended: a) comfortable walking shoes. B) use cap.c) pure water. D) in all churches of the republic: it is recommended not to wear shorts or low-cut blouses to enter to see the churches.e) when taking pictures of colonial paintings or images, flash is not allowed, there are places like La Church of San Francisco in La Antigua G. and Chichicastenango that specify it.

Places to visit:
1) Central square, around the square you can observe:
A) Church of San Jose (which was the 2nd Cathedral before the earthquake of 1773)
B) Palace of the Captains General.
C) The Town Hall.
D) Source of the Sirens.
2) Church of San Pedro.
3) Public Laundry (Tank of the Union)
4) Facade of the Cloister of Santa Clara.
5) Church of San Francisco (Tomb of the Holy Brother Peter).
6) Hotel and Restaurant Santo Somingo (Old Monastery of the Dominicans).
7) El Carmen Church (facade only).
8) Santa Teresa (only facade).
9) Iglesia La Merced (façade and interior) "Important" If exposed "El Santisimo" do not allow entry with tourists.


  • English guide 
  • Entrance fees 
  • 3 hours tour 
  • Meals
  • Tips
  • Gratuites
  • Transportation

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Cash