Zip-Line & Natural Reserve

About this activity

Group Size

3 Hours

Group Size

Every Day

Group Size
Trip style:

Zipline Canopy

Group Size

Panajachel / Panajachel

Group Size

Truck Round Trip

Group Size
Physical Rate:


Group Size
Group size:

Minimum 2

Group Size
Age Required:

5 - 60



  • Enjoy the naturals and green area at the Park
  • Climb at the Hill to jump down to experience the Adrenalines by the Cable
  • Impact it up to wacth the Lake Atitlan views

Tour Itinerary:

Today at 9 am we meet you at our office, we take you to Natural reserve, Panoramic where you will have a trainer to explain how you will live the zipline and should work it for your safety, Such as you want, Once you are hanging on the line, you will see the nice panoramic of Lake Atitlan, for this tour you will feel the great and adrenaline experience, after have been by this wow extreme activities, you will also see the natural plants, and butterflies area, all this you will see it while walking by the nice trails.


  • Transfer From Panajachel-to-Panajachel
  • Truck Round Trip
  • Meals

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Cash