From Panajachel: Lake Atitlan Tour by Boat with a Guide

About this activity

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6 hours

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Every Day at 9:00 am

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Trip style:

Water Tour

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Panajachel / Panajachel

Group Size

Shared Boat Tour

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Group size:

Minimum 1

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Age Required:

5 - 70



  • Enjoy the wonderfull Lake Atitlan by Boat
  • See the Great Colorful villages as San Juan La Laguna, Santigua Atitlan
  • Live Cultures of Mayan Tzutujil People
  • Learn the history of Lake and Mayan people by Local guide

Tour Itinerary:

Meet the Local guide at Hotel in Panajachel at 9:00 am, ride on shared boat Tour to San Juan La Laguna to explore the beautiful Mayan Community as great local Workshops to experience by the way discover how to make Textiles and paints as local handigraft of such village, after that heap up by boat to San Pedro La Laguna to explore the best of backpackagers village you learn how the local involved with a foreing people, for the end of tour you ride by boat to Santiago Atitlan to get walking into Santiago village to see the brilliant colors of Clothes and details sculptures made by woods beside you experience the interesting Mayan Spiritual bealieves is called Maximon as Mayan God, after all you get back by boat to Panajachel.


  • Scenic Shared boat trip to visit Santiago Atitlan & San Juan La Laguna. 
  • Local Guide
  • Pick up/ Droff off
  • Tips
  • Entrace fee (Q.15.00)
  • Souvenirs.
  • Meals